Stereo Images

The following section lists a few subjects containing stereo images that you can view in your favorite format using a neat 3D applet courtesy of Andreas Petersik.
Enhanced Stereo Viewer

Recently I have become addicted to the sport of radio-controlled combat slope gliders. Here's an example video of the sort of thing we do. We fly these nearly indestructible flying wing design gliders in ridge lift and attempt to crash them in mid-air and put the other gliders down while flying away unscathed. It is incredibly fun but surprisingly difficult to make the planes hit even when everyone is cooperating. The problem is that binocular depth perception is normally only effective at distances up to about 30 feet whereas glider combat tends to happen in the 100 to 200 foot range. To rectify this problem I am attempting to design and build a head mounted system of mirrors that increases the effective distance in which the pilot's binocular depth perception is still effective. Here are a couple photos of the first version of my device which worked surprisingly well.

Front view of Enhanced Stereo Viewer

Two pairs of lightweight plastic mirrors are mounted to a pair of safety goggles.
Notice how you can see that his eyes can be seen just beyond the sides of his head, roughly tripling his intra-ocular distance.

Even close-up viewing is not uncomfortable

The goggles give excellent increased depth perception up to 100 feet or more but also give surprisingly comfortable close-up views. Of course no one with any dignity would allow themselves to be photographed, let alone seen, wearing such a contraption which is why I took these shots of some friends. Note how I cleverly inserted myself into the photograph.

Click the following link for to see an applet I created to help design enhanced stereo viewing devices.