Mars Spirit Rover Stereograms

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There are currently 2 robotic rovers on mars--Spirit and Opportunity-- taking lots of beautiful stereo image pairs. The images on this page were found in the "Raw Images" section of NASA's mars rover page. That page includes a link to some of their published 3D images, but they all use the horrible red-green anaglyph format. Because they also provide their raw data it is possible to create better stereo presentations. This page uses a wonderful stereo applet by Andreas Petersik that allows users to view stereo image pairs using their prefered format such as cross-eyed and parallel views in addition to red-green anaglyphs and other popular formats.

It requires a good bit of exploration and experimentation to select artisticly composed images with good subjects, composition, and a variety of object at several distances for a good 3D effect. The Opportunity rover landed in an extremely flat area and therefore doesn't yield very impressive stereo images. All images on this page were from the Spirit rover which laded in a much more rugged location with interesting clifs and vistas.

These first images are from Spirit's navigation camera

If you had a JAVA 1.1 enabled browser, you would see a stereoscopic image here!
So you get a preview version only:

The next two images are from Spirit's panoramic camera.

Spirit's panaramic camera takes photographs using one of nine filters on each lens. Unfortunately, the two filter sets contain only one filter in common. So while it is possible to generate color images and stereo images, it is not possible to generate color stereo images with the same RGB filer combinations. This is a terrible shame. Still, I was able to choose a combination that allowed reasonably close left-right matches in two colors to generate a color stereogram but where the green channels are duplicates of the blue channels.

3D Applet courtesy of Andreas Petersik