Vocabulary Tutor

The Vocabulary Tutor program is a simple dialog-based Windows95 program which can teach vocabulary by association. It was meant mostly as a test bed for the underlying algorithm that I developed and also to simply help me learn German. My initial results have convinced me that it's a powerful learning tool even with it's simple presentation. My intent is to integrate this technology into existing commercial educational software, though I'd also be open to developing such a product around it if an appropriate publisher comes forward.

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In the meantime, I am offering the Tutor program as shareware for all to use. You can try the program for free and purchase it for $25 only if you find it useful. For the terms of use along with a detailed description of the product and how to use it, please see the documentation which also comes with the package. Note that I will extend free licenses for instructors to use within classroom settings. I will also give a free license to anyone that creates a useful dictionary and provides it for distribution to the public. If you purchase a personal copy, I will give you product support, free point release upgrades and goodwill.

Getting started

I believe my algorithms may provide an optimal method of learning almost any vocabulary. The underlying intelligence is in the way that flash words and decoy choices are selected over time. Through some simple underlying ideas, intelligent behavior emerges which I believe mimic and even surpass the skill of an attentive human tutor. The best way to understand this is to simply run the program for even a few minutes.

Regardless of the size of the dictionary to be learned, the user is never overwhelmed since it gives the feeling that there is always a small working set of words which are seen often enough to be familiar. This is where the idea of superliminosity comes in. This shifting set of words moves like a searchlight of consciousness over the concept landscape. With repeated passes the entire landscape eventually becomes known. Note that there does not really exist something as rigid as a working set within the program. It's much more fluid than that and therefore much closer to the way people really learn large sets of new concepts. 

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