Gurwitz Family 3D Photos

I found quite a number of 3D photos from the 1950s Among Reva's effects. Having a strong passion for 3D photography, I had some of them best of them professionally scanned. I then spent an enormous amount of time cleaning them up in Photoshop, cropping, and turning them into modern digital stereograms. Click on an image to see the full view and in cross-eyed viewing mode. I have higher resolution files if you would like to print them.


Fred and Reva's parents Anna and Abe Gurwitz standing in their front yard in LA.

The best of Fred's 3D snaps were taken at a family event he called "Cousin Party". I've identified several of the people there but still do not know a few of them, so please help if you can. This is the first of that series that I have processed. From left to right are Harvey, Stanley and Lynn Sherman.

The young girl is Miriam. Who are the others?

Here we see Lila Geller on Lynn's left and Reva on her right. We see Miriam again in the corner. Who are the other two women?

Another from the same party and more unknowns.

An artfully posed model who was probably one of Fred's many lovely girlfriends. Bonus points if you can provide her name.

I remember seeing a bullfight as a child. I think that was in Tijuana though this photo may have been taken in Las Vegas. I'm sure you won't recognize anyone in the photo though Alan is certain that he spotted Dianne Feinstein in one of the box seats. I highly doubt that however and am convinced that it's Carl Rove.

3D pictures of my parent's wedding! These were scanned from Viewmaster wheels that are still used today as children's toys. I remember seeing these as a young child and being upset that I wasn't invited to the wedding! The slides are only about a half inch square so the resolution is poor. This first one shows the wedding procession. If anyone can make out more people in any of these photos, I would love to know. I would also love to know exactly where the wedding took place.

Under the chuppah. It looks like Sheldon needs a drink if he's to go through with it. Reva looks resplendent even though she said she was terrified. She also said that the rabbi told her to shut up. I guess he didn't appreciate uppity women.

Now that Sheldon is ready and Reva has been put in her place the ceremony gets rolling.